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Business Technology and Data Analytics


  1. Healthcare Data Management

  2. Application Portfolio Assessment

  3. System Rationalization and Decommissioning

  4. System & Data Analytics Solutions

  5. Data ETL - Conversion and Migration

  6. System Interoperability

  7. Business Analytics - Revenue Cycle and EHR

  8. Software & Data Testing Validation/Verification


Health Care Data Management

ETL Activities

Do you have a data archive solution?

Do you migrate/convert data from mergers?

Do you have a team responsible for moving data in your organization?

Do you have a Master Patient Index number?

Is it unique and across the enterprise? Or by system?

  • Data migration solutions

  • Creation of an EMPI tool

  • Data archival solution

    • Extract

    • Transform/map data from source to target

    • Load data from source to target

    • Audits

    • Repetitive sprints

“We need our data migrated to our new EMR”

“We need an archival solution.”

“We need an enterprise EMPI solution.”

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