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Welcome to Carter Consulting Ohio, LLC

Healthcare IT Consulting

Carter Consulting has consulted with multiple health systems across the country. Our team has provided healthcare consultative services to vast healthcare facilities in numerous states. We have worked at many US healthcare facilities. The consultants at Carter Consulting are highly experienced in the development and refinement of processes, procedures, performance metrics, programs, and outcome measures for organizations. Based on our consultants' extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in various management and healthcare settings, we offer a view of where things currently stand and what improvements can be made to move forward.


Carter Consulting Consultants apply a broad range of clinical and managerial healthcare consulting experience to ensure your organization's success. Our consultants have extensive experience in the healthcare management and provider environment. Our team has worked with a wide variety of healthcare organizations.

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Business Technology and Data Analytics
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Strategic Planning
Operational Improvement

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947 E. Johnstown Rd. #238, Columbus, OH 43230  Tel: 262-672 -2005

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